Brian Johnson

Founder | Teacher | Student

Brian began as a student of Ido Portal in 2014 and continues to study, practice and teach what he has learned to his students. He is passionate about the holistic quality a movement lifestyle brings and combines his knowledge of physiology, anatomy, nutrition and biochemistry to help others live out their dream and express themselves with and through movement. 

Brian holds an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology and has been teaching/coaching for over 15 years. 

Yasi Sabour - Borowski

Teacher | Student

Yasi comes from a yoga background, first beginning to practice after chronic injuries from running had become her norm. She completed her yoga teacher training with Yoga Medicine and Tiffany Cruikshank.  One day while strolling through the park with friends she came upon a pull up bar and quickly realized her inability to do a single chin up, that's when she really came to appreciate how rewarding a dedicated movement practice can be.  She decided to switch up her routine from ashtanga yoga and fell in love with the Ido Portal Method.  Since then she has continued a practice deeply inspired by the movement culture and the gymnastics rings are her favorite tool to express herself through movement.  During the day she works as a dentist and is currently preparing to open her own office in east Dallas. 

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